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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, we are going to hold the "PCFTW 10th anniversary Charity Art Gallery" from January 22 to 31, 2021. All the exhibited artworks will be sold for charity, and the net proceeds will be used for our free learning support services for local under-privileged students. You are welcome to buy the artworks on site, and together helping every child to have equal learning opportunities!

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    阿虫 Ar Chung

    禪意水墨畫(特別展出) Ink painting (Special exhibition)

    阿虫本名嚴以敬,是香港著名漫畫家。他曾說:「不能成龍,只好成虫」,故叫「阿虫」。早年他以繪畫政治漫畫見稱,後來轉變風格,創作一系列生活小品,畫作結合中國書法、水墨畫及漫畫風格,從中帶出禪意和佛家道理,鼓勵人們處事豁達、知足常樂。 2018年阿虫因突發性心臟衰竭而離世,但他的作品依然歷久不衰,繼續溫暖人心。

    Ar Chung (Yim Yee King) is a famous comic artist in Hong Kong. In his early years, he was known for drawing political cartoons. Later, he changed his style and created a series of comic and paintings which combines Chinese calligraphy, ink painting and cartoon styles to bring out Zen and Buddhist spirits. His works encourage people to be open-minded and contented. In 2018, he died of sudden heart failure, but his works are still popular among the world.

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